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Ologun SegunpictureOlogun Segun


Introducing you to Loudthoughts 1.5

This site has been on the low for a while now because I was busy for a while now and I was also working on a whole lots of stuffs, luckily for me I now have free time on my plate so I'll be using this opportunity to make some major upgrade. Here's a list of major features I intend to add 1) User profile with picture and editing of name, email 2) Upload of music, voice notes and e-book 3) improved user interface and user experience This is it for now. What do you think and what else do you think we should add?

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my pictureEstherOgungbemi

2019-02-02 22:00:51

It's great you're back. In all honesty, I think the current design of this site is an eyesore. You have to improve your game if you really want to go global like you told me. Then add more features that will keep people glued to the site. I like what you're doing here though.

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my pictureVillage Headmaster

2019-02-02 22:06:59

I think you should allow unregistered users to be able to comment on topics, that way there will be diverse opinions which will make the forum more interesting. Another thing The login system is messed up. I have to relogin everytime I visit this site. it's stressful. Look into that as well.

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my pictureOlogun Segun

2019-02-03 07:29:58

@Esther The thing is our User Interface will continue to evolve until it is the very best version of what its supposed to be. If you were here from the start you'd know this current UI is a major upgrade. we'll put something better by this weekend though. Thanks for your input ma'am. I really appreciate. @headmaster I've been thinking about adding anonymous commenting for unsignedin users for a while now but I was thinking it would deter people from signing up. I mean why sign up when you can get same features as unsigned users but the profile feature will bring the difference so I'll be adding it in LT 1.5. about the logins, when I started coding this site, I was still an amateur coder, I still am though, I didn't know the login method I employed then can only save passwords for a session instead of permanently. I'm a better coder now. LT 1.5 saves password for as long as you want. Thanks brother.

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my pictureQueen Ojochegbe

2019-02-03 08:02:51

Segun you have a good thing going on here. Don't ruin it.

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