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Ologun SegunpictureOlogun Segun


Share your experience battling addiction and ideas on how to curb addiction

Addiction, particularly to substances among young people is rapidly increasing and the fact that its not seen as a problem leaves much to worry about. This community is about building well informed intelligent individuals in the society in order to bring about a better society. So what's your experience with addiction if you've ever been there and suggest methods by which it can be reduced to the barest minimum.

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my pictureKushPapi

2019-01-05 18:24:11

My short stint with TM I wouldn't share this story ordinarily because of my personae but this is an anonymous platform moreover someone reading this might pick a thing or two from my story. Ijoba put me on this 😂 💯. Overlook my grammar pls I'm a Chemistry student 🍶 My stint with a popular 💊 pill known as TM began upon my admission into campus. My school is a religious private institution so we lived more or less like secondary school boarding students. My life revolved around lectures, fellowship and hostel 💯💯 until I met someone I would christen Brother Tobi. Brother Tobi happened to be in my department but was in his finals while I was a newbie. We saw regularly around campus so over time we started getting close because we shared so many hobbies including similar taste in 🎶 music. He was like a big brother to me. He advised and guided me on so many issues on campus. I was introduced to the pill during my first semester exam. I'd just finished writing an exam and I felt like I performed below par in the exam. It totally spoiled my mood so i informed Bro Tobi, he told me he'd help me then asked to visit his hostel in the evening. I went at the scheduled time. Upon my arrival he offered me a chill coac that was drunk halfway. I didn't hesitate before gulping the contents down my throat. We then started chit-chatting, I tried to bring the issue of my exam but he evaded it stylishly each time I brought it up. Over the next twenty five minutes, my body system changed gradually, my skin was itching, I was feeling drowsy and hyperactive at the same time. The coolest part is it felt so good. I could hear every instrumental in the 🎶 song playing far away. It felt like living in a fantasy. To be honest trying to explain in words would be a waste of words and time because people who have never been there wouldn't understand 😎😎. In short that was I got introduced to what would later ruin my life. By my second year when bro Tobi had graduated I was spending almost Five thousand weekly to feed my addiction. It shouldn't cost up to that but there were so many palms to grease before I could get my supply 💊 💊. I couldn't do without being high on TM. I couldn't sleep without the pill and in order to be sane during the day's activity I'd to be on the grams. I'd be popping like 1500miligram on the daily. The side effects It started from mild headache to paranoia to seizures which led the school to discover I've gotten myself into. I was expelled from school. My parents were informed but by then it was almost too late as I was neck deep into it. At that point I was no longer sane, I knew I was losing my sanity but I couldn't control the damage anymore. I didn't know the story from this point up till when I recovered my sanity but I was told by a third-party. And according to her, I was taken to a mental facility and the doctor told them the pill had gotten deep into my bloodstream that it was eating my brain. It was by Grace I got my sanity back without any damages, most people with similar cases like mine don't recover easily like that, some of them become insane forever, some eventually recover but not mentally sound. It's simply by Grace that I'm sane to tell the tale. Drug addiction is like a tunnel and what's at the end of the tunnel is insanity 💯💯. If you're in that tunnel already please find a way to get yourself out please. Sign out ✌✌ peace.

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my pictureOlogun Segun

2019-01-05 18:35:21

Wow... I appreciate I got you to do this man.... I really do. I'll be writing my input mine this evening.

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my pictureEstherOgungbemi

2019-01-30 06:45:48

^^^^^^^ Great story!

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