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my pictureKing Of Boys


Dear Kings, Why you should avoid Broke Girls in 2019

The previous year taught me a lot about life and relationships with people. One of the tenets i got to understand in a very hard way is to never date Broke Girls anymore. The reason i'm bringing to this to the fore is so that my fellow kings will not suffer the degradation and humiliation i went through in the hands of this set of leeches called Broke Girls. A broke girl in this context does not only refer to girls who can't afford basic human requirements and look-good/slayqueen accessories, it also refers to girls who are impoverished mentally. You want to know why you should avoid these set of people: They will ruin your life. This is plain non-sugar coathed truth here kings. Let me explain further. They'll ruin your finances You've planned out how to spend your income only for your broke girl to bill you heavily and in order to satisfy her, you oblige giving her the money which you had previously planned upon afterall she's your other half. Have you thought about it and realized the reason you don't actualize most of your plans is because of the incessant outrageous demands of your supposed other half? Learn king. You'll end up being frustrated To a broke girl, money matters the most. Nothing else matters. In a situation where you can't meet her outrageous demands, she'll frustrate your life. Talk about the side jabs, snide remarks, unnecessary insult to your manly ego etcetera and you won't hear the last of it until she gets what she wants even if its at your own peril. No commitment Broke Girls have no commitment to anyone. Don't be deceived by their shenanigans. They're only loyal to the current best bill payer. Once you can't offset their bills anymore, you're a goner. One ticket things. The funny thing is once you're off their list, no matter what you do, you'll always be on the bench as a sidepiece. Furthermore, all what they know is spend, spend and spend more. No idea on how to save for the rainy day or investing into a solid idea that would yield.How are you going to make it beyond average with that? Think brothers. Think. There you have it kings. Don't play with your life.

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my pictureKogiGovernor

2019-01-02 22:27:34

Word 100%. On point. i wish guys would listen though.

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my pictureVillage Headmaster

2019-01-03 06:20:24

What a broke/jobless lady needs is a job not a boyfriend.

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my pictureQueen Ojochegbe

2019-01-03 06:38:08

Lamentations of broke men

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my pictureEstherOgungbemi

2019-01-05 16:54:59

I'll assume you're referring to those girls who depend wholisticly on their boyfriends to buy everything for them down to their underwears. If I'm right then I'm in no position to comment on this topic because such girls irk me to the bones. They are the reason you men assume all girls are after your invisible/inexistent money.

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my pictureOlogun Segun

2019-01-05 18:41:30

This stuff is quite complicated than I thought. Well last last we'll be alright sha.

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