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4 skills that will improve your chances in the labour market

The labour market in Nigeria is over saturated thus there is need to set one's self aside for a better chance at employment and better wage. Here are five skills that will set you apart in the Nigerian labour market. Communication skills Everybody can communicate either verbally or non-verbally. Its embedded in us however not everybody has communication skills which entails being a good listener, concision and clarity, expressly articulate in communicating emphatically. Communication in this context goes beyond passing information from one person to another. It is the emphatical expression of desire such that the message is understood clearly. Critical and creative thinking Ability to think swiftly and come up with creative and realistic solutions to problems without bias .This is another skill that Human resources screen for in employees. These skill stems from the pool of knowledge and experience of the employee. He is able to proffer objective, reasonable and creative solutions to problems when he has wealth of knowledge and experience about the field. Creative and critical thinking helps improve the value of somebody in an organization as critical thinkers bring creative solutions to the table and help the organization to remain innovative. Understand and evolve with industry trends Every industry is dynamic. Industried are always changing, trends come and go. And organization that fails to evolve with the industry gets left behind. It is important for every potential empoyee to continue to follow trends of industries in their field. Employers wants employees that will bring its organization fresh ideas and strategies that will enable the organization to be innovative and competitive and the only way to ensure this is to follow industry trends. Trend analysis helps provide valuable insights and contribute to formulating a better growth strategy. Programming The world is evolving at a fast pace technologically and in this advancingb technological world of ours, everyday there is a demand for technologically knowledgeable individuals in almost every field. Becoming technologically knowledgeable gives one an edge in the labour market as employers would consider their usefulness overall as compared to the technologically ignorant counterparts particularly with the continuous increasing demand for people with skills in Artificial Intelligence, Data scientist, cybersecurity, mobile application builder etc The advantage of this is that you don't have to necessarily be certified, just be proficient at it.


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my pictureKing Of Boys

2019-01-02 22:19:39

Let's not deceive ourselves connection matters more in Nigeria. If you no get connection, Hunger go round DC your neck like collar even if you know book pass Albert Einstein

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my pictureQueen Ojochegbe

2019-01-03 06:50:34

The most important thing is God's grace. Nothing else.

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my pictureEstherOgungbemi

2019-01-05 17:15:22

The number of available jobs is too meagre for the ever growing labour market. Moreover this available jobs do not go round, they are mostly given based on connection. My humble advice to young graduates is to be extremely good at your field such that your value would be high and always showcase your skill whenever an opportunity presents itself, you'd always see many of that just that your ability to maximize it is dependent on your skill.

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