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Adding weight: My research so far

There are so many products and remedies for plus people who desire to shed weight however not so many information are available for people on the other side who intend to add flesh to our fragile bones. After taking my time to comb through the internet and asking various people, here's what I was able to find. Mind you, I'm not sure if it works, most were actually recommended. If you intend to go the pharmacetical way, two strongly recommend drugs are apetamine and finamin.According to reviews, these drugs increases the appetite insanely. So don't try them if your kitchen ain't stocked to the brim. They increase your appetite sporadically making you consume more food thus more body weight. According to my sources there are no side effects so its all good. For the naturalist, the following are recommended. Tin of peak milk after each meal. Increase in protein foods such as fish, meat and eggs. Make sure they abound in all your meals plus in between meals. A lot of junk food. Junk food adds fat to the body. Junk food with high sugar particularly. Take as much in between meals and after meals as your stomach can take. In between meals and after meals until your stomach is full. Always ensure your stomach is full before going to bed. Heavy late night meals. Heavy foods such as pounded yam, Amala and Eba are recommended as dinner. This is what I've been able to gather so far. I'll keep updating as I get more info.


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my pictureKing Of Boys

2019-01-02 22:23:29

Girls stuff

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my pictureVillage Headmaster

2019-01-03 06:29:15

The irony of life. While most people, myself inclusive, are working very hard to shed unnecessary fat someone somewhere wants to add this same fat. It's quite unbelievable though.

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my pictureQueen Ojochegbe

2019-01-03 06:47:02

Its not about adding weight generally that someone will now be looking like grandma at a very young age its about adding it in the right places. After doing all these it's important for someone to still visit the gym before people start thinking you're pregnant.

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