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Review of Lil Kesh Logo Benz

I finally listened to Lil kesh's logo benz yesterday night. That song made much buzz than any Nigerian song in 2018 albeit it was more of negative than positive but if you think about it deeply no kinda publicity is bad publicity. Contrary to popular opinions I saw that made me want to listen to the song so bad, the song is actually a melodious danceable song. The type you wanna vibe to after a stressful day at work. Great chorus by Olamide and amazing production overall. Too be honest, the lyrics isn't all that great but to a large extent, most people wouldn't really care after all we just want to vibe to some good shit moreover Lil Kesh and Olamide aren't particularly known for great lyrics so I wonder what the fuzz us all about. The line "if Allah /Jesus nor bless me I go do blood money" captions the mindset of the average Lagos modern youth. Let's not pretend about it. That's why 9ice - living things was and is still a bomb. That's why Hushpuppy has so many instagram followers. Etc If you're yet to listen to the song, I'd advice you get a clean ear piece or eaebuds as the case maybe then tune to the vibe. This is just my opinion not yours. You're free to agree or disagree, don't comman be telling me what I don't know.

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my pictureEstherOgungbemi

2018-12-24 11:03:35

The song is thrash.

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