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my pictureQueen Ojochegbe


Things to note when toasting a naija bae in 2019

Most Nigerian men are really wack as fuck when it comes to making the ladies liver, quiver. The sad part is most of them are yet to realize this. That's why I'm telling you all to your face that your game is wack and you don't have the player charisma most of you assume you have. Most of the time, we ladies just say yes to your shitty proposals because we like you and sometimes to get you to stop disturbing us. It's annoying. I'm not informing you so that you'll start asking me to start coach you. I'm not a dating coach however I can be for some change though. I'm telling y'all so you all can up your game. Here are some irritating things you guys do and should stop doing in 2019 because we are not having any of it in 2019. Toasting us when you're broke Common. Go hustle please. It's annoying when a broke guy walks up to you to ask you out. Not all of us can withstand your broke stinking ass please. Go and make money first after then come talk to us. Smacking your lips This is also irritating. Smacking your lips every minute like your game is on point like Trey Songz meanwhile you're one gameless, toad looking nigga. Please spare us that bullshit. Offering us cheap gifts Nobody's forcing you to buy us gifts on special holidays or birthdays but please whenever you intend doing stuffs like that, please make sure it's special and romantic. Take a cue from AY, E money and Davido. Stop buying us those cheap necklace, earrings, underwears , china phones, etc if you can't afford to gift someone an iPhone8 you shouldn't be in the dating scene yet, remain in the hustle world until you're capable. This is it. No more stupid boys 2019.

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my pictureOlogun Segun

2018-12-22 20:18:18

Lol. A girl has to set standards. Very funny. I'm impressed Mai Queen.

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my pictureEstherOgungbemi

2018-12-24 14:52:17

I'll also add to the list. 1) Inviting me to your house for a first date or expecting me to follow you to your house after a date. 2)Expecting me to clean, cook or perform other feminine associated duties. 3) Touching me at any slight opportunity. Keep your hands to yourself. 4) Disturbing me with phone calls or messages at odd hours. Sometimes our NO really means NO 5) Calling us names like baby, honey when we recently just meet. Thanks for compliance.

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my pictureVillage Headmaster

2018-12-24 15:58:42

You sound very materialistic.

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my pictureKing Of Boys

2018-12-31 20:12:48

It's quite easy identifying Nigerian girls anywhere on this planet even on an anonymous platform. They always feel entitled plus they think everything is about money. Annoying lots I tell you. What happened to traditional values like machoism, culinary skills, virility, bedmatic skills, empathy, sociability etcetera. These were criterias that were assesed before the matrimony of unions which birthed you and me. Relationships these days are now more about exchange of material values. The most common one being monetary value in exchange for sexual gratification. The downside to this is, once this values drops, or someone with a higher value comes in, the relationship ceases to exist. Only few relationships are devoid of this trend. Those ones last more.

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