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Serial baby daddy alert!

This Rumour is about an unrepentant serial lover boy who is about to become a serial baby daddy if the two beautiful Ladies pregnant for him go ahead and birth the babies...He already has two kids from two different equally beautiful women..... Remember he walked the walk but that is history now..... *In Pastor Paul's voice*...... Somebody look at your neighbour and say ''Mind your business'' This lover boy loves it so much that he does not wear protection when he gbenshes them and they most times always end up now! Baby number three is carried by South African beauty 14,9,3,15,12,1,19 (Call her 14,9,3,19,9) who used to live in Nigeria and was ex staff to lover boy....She was sacked some months ago when her tenure expired and she quietly relocated to her native Country and is alleged to be showing already and will give birth same month as the Duchess of Sussex. ''They were actually living together and she was too was House and Work. She used to see everything happening and didn’t spare him. She would give it to him full on. Scatter the whole house. Refuse to go to work. He’d have to call people to come settle the fight''...He had to end it. Baby Number four is carried by 19,1,14,4,18,1 who is a Rich serial baby mama with two kids....She is of Eastern Nigeria descent and lives in America but since she met him through Instagram and they activated their love,she has stayed put in Nigeria,refusing to return to her Yankee life... He recently ended the relationship and She decided to collect all the gifts she gifted him but could only account for the things that had receipt and proof totalling about 8 million which she recently sued him for.....Olofofos say every time her Lawyer calls him,he calls her and quickly makes up with her..... Her Lawyer recently called him but as you read this both of them are presently in Abuja enjoying themselves and will return to Lagos on Friday or Saturday. 19,1,14,4,18,1 is pregnant and has rounded up her first trimester...She is still undecided what to do but he has allegedly told her to take it off and then keep it after a certain instagram post... *Pastor Paul's voice* '' Touch your neighbour and say keep the babies''. Lover boy is rumoured to be in love with an Africa air hostess who lives in Dubai or so and plans to marry her but the Olofofo says ''He can wake up tomorrow and decide it is someone else he wants ,I have seen it happen severally'' Lover boy is rumoured to get his women from the social media where they are all crazy in love with him...some even allegedly ''toast'' him and sometimes he plays hard to get,sometimes he falls ''Ayakata'' like he did for Baby Mama number four (loading) If you see lover boy,you will hear the sound of music and remember that mmm took your money away when it reigned... If you see lover boy you will remember a certain pint sized gospel singer who recently made up with his Father............Or is it the late American President? Olofofos promise to bring an update but until then,please turn to your neighbour and say ''Mind your business''. Source: Who do you think it is? All fingers point to one one music producer!

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