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How To make liquid soap

Tools 1/4nitrosol 1/8custic soda 1/4soda ash 1litre sulphonic acid 1/4sls Two rub perfume 1/8sttp Color as desired Process Take 4stbsp of caustic soda and pour into three litres of water, in another bowl also soak your soda ash with 3liter of water leave for 30minute and then bring another bowl pour your sulphonic acid into it pour 1/4 texapon into it and your perfume and mix very well until blended now bring your mix bowl of about 60literspour 20liers of water into it pour your nitrosol into the water and mix very well for about 5minute until there are no seed now pour your caustic soda and mix, pour sttp and mix(note never stop mixing from this stage onwards until you have finished pouring all the reagents) pour your soda ash ,and mix now pour one liter of water into sulphonic acid properly mix and then turn into the mixture mix pour in your preservative mix color with water and pour your liquid soap is ready.

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Village Headmaster

2018-12-13 03:04:05

Confirm. The problem now is how to get all these ingredients.

Village Headmaster

2018-12-13 03:04:12

Confirm. The problem now is how to get all these ingredients.

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